APE Mobile saves everything into projects, it even registers the documents for you and organises them with sequence numbers and metadata so you can easily find them later.  Your records are synchronised with each member of the project, even if they’re in the office. It makes it easy to complete your forms, including photos and signatures, and send them to your customers or subcontractors right there in the field, at the same time automatically registering and storing them. Quality assurance made easy!

APE Mobile allows users to work offline all day. It has incredible synchronisation technology that manages huge numbers of users, limitless documents and even copes with the poor data connectivity associated with mobile networks and remote sites.  You can distribute drawings & docs to site easily, including bulk upload and current status. Users can instantly search or filter their drawings, storing them for offline use. It will even handle any file type.  Users can easily create simple redline markups, instantly sharing them with the team as annotation layers, or snapshotting them for inclusion in any form.

APE Mobile is hosted in Australia for Australian customers.

Graham A Brown & Associates is Pre-Qualified for a number of Government supplier requirements

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